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We're so excited that you're going to Go Jassby! Before you create a Jassby account, we ask that you review and agree to our Privacy Policy, including some specific information about children's privacy, Terms of Service and Mobile Application End User License Agreement, as well as an additional set of agreements that applies to your Preferred Account or Debit Card Account, respectively (each a "Policy" and, collectively, the "Policies"). We provide links to the current version of each of these Policies in the sidebar, and we urge you to review each Policy in its entirety. If you are a parent using Jassby with a child, "you" refers both to you and your child, and you acknowledge that you accept the Policies on behalf of both yourself and your child. When we update a Policy, we will provide the updated version here.

In the sidebar, you will also find links to additional policies relating to your shopping experience in the Jassby Shop.